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*2011 Best Female Comedy Performance Nominee, LAWeekly Awards for The Marriage of Figaro at City Garage

*2012 Revival Production of the Year Nominee, LAWeekly Awards for 4.48 Psychosis

*2011 Best Comedy Ensemble Nominee, LAWeekly Awards for Paradise Park at City Garage

*2011 L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award for Sustained Excellence, City Garage

*2009 Best Ensemble Nominee, LAWeekly Awards for The Mission at City Garage

*2008 Best Comedy Ensemble Nominee, LAWeekly Awards for The Bald Soprano


"... first rate work from everybody. Ms. Mance seemed ready for Hedda. At least. Such a talent." - David C. Nichols. L.A. Times, "4.48 Psychosis"

"The cast is terrific [including] the redoubtable Cynthia Mance." - L.A. Times, "Paradise Park"

"Cynthia Mance is raw and funny as a waitress who is angry with men (her grim delight in talking about how surprisingly difficult it is to try and twist off a man's scrotum is a highlight)." Terry Morgan, Filthy Talk For Troubled Times

"Atik’s harrumphing hubby and Mance’s seriously deranged Madame Martin are vivid, multidimensional characters." - LAWeekly, "The Bald Soprano"

"Mance gives a searing portrayal of a woman broken by a neglectful lover, spiritual malaise and physical illness." - LAWeekly, "Cinema Stories"

"Mance's alternately sugary and venomous Mariedl disturbs at a visceral level." - LAWeekly, The Presidents

"Mance gives a sympathetic, multilayered central performance." - L.A. Times, "Mariage Blanc"

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